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March 05, 2005

(quoted from my blog entry)
It is very scary to see a rocket propel downwards when its parachute fails to deploy. RUNNNNN!

Gurbir, Jose, and my rocket (the one with the backward fins) launched pretty well. It went up really high, but tilted. It almost landed on top of the 400s, but we were lucky and landed in the plants instead, no parts broken.

That's something I can't say about other's rockets. Some became bullets from the sky, landed in front of Burger King, or were lost atop of buildings or trees forever.

Afterwards, I went to a Thai restaurant for the first time with really cool people (Grant, Lauren, Winston, Lim, and Jessica). I also used chopsticks! And we talked for a long time!


Who can be sad on a day like today? Not me!

But WOW, the weather was beautiful. I think I got darker though.

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