i've done various flash-based projects for class. this is where you'll find them.

winter smog winter smog
(01:56) - via youtube

A short animation I made using Flash for my Digital Media class. I explored music as an integral part of the experience (instead of music being merely supplementary). I also limited the animation to pan, scale and zoom techniques to see whether I would still be able to effectively portray a story using just these simple methods.
poem movie the poem movie
(??:??) - 1.88mb

A poem assignment I did for my English class in high school. I can't write poems, so I made a movie to go with my poor writing. I got an A+. :]

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when i blog, i sometimes create crude (and often extremely exaggerated) flash movies about my life. instead of having to dig through my journal entries just to view my movies, here they are in all their glory for you to enjoy.

dorm room dorm room
(??:??) - via journal (tumblr)

here is a short tale of one of my most memorable dorm room experiences. and i mean "memorable" in the most negative way possible..
tail lights tail lights
(??:??) - via journal (tumblr)

the back lights of my car were broken for the longest time. but..!
psp ads psp ads
(??:??) - via journal (tumblr)

this is what happens when the psp isn't selling as well as it should. based on a true story!

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this is where movies that don't fit the other categories wind up.

threed and the great bobsled race threed and the great bobsled race (youtube version)
(02:15) - 426kb

A movie based on the game Earthbound for the SNES. Ness, Paula, Jeff and Poo are on bobsleds racing through Threed! But watch out for Pokey!

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