introduce yourself.

hello! the name is edward patrick alva, or ed for short. i'm a filipino college dude attending the university of california, irvine. i do music and flash stuff in my spare time. i'm also beginning to explore working with film production.

really, there isn't much more to know.. i mainly go by "Unlimited Lumpia" on online forums and such. i used to use the alias "akaepa" until i realized it was pretty dumb-sounding.

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where do you host your blog?

i host my Journal on tumblr. it's a pretty nifty site that is super customizable, has no ads and is very clean and simple; i highly recommend it if you want a no-hassle, easy-to-use weblog with.. well, no ads! (if you can't tell, i like ad-free things)

i used to use xanga until i swiched over. xanga is where most of my friends go for their blogging needs, so i stuck with them for awhile. however, the clumsiness of the service and the horrible ads were enough to drive me away from the place. i have all my xanga entries archived in my current journal on tumblr, so you guys don't have to suffer through the ads. cool, eh?

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are you a part of any social networking sites?

why yes i am! i'm a pretty big fan of facebook, so you can find me there.
Edward Patrick Alva's Facebook profile

i'm not too keen on any of the other sites out there, especially myspace (which i hate with a passion), so sorry if i'm not a part of your favorite.

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so, what browser should i use to view your site?

i highly recommend you use firefox, opera or chrome to view my site. it has been tested (and works to some extent) with internet explorer and safari, but for some reason, those browsers sort of mess up some of the menu buttons.. i'll most likely address that issue eventually.. but for now, if you want to view the site properly, stick with the others..

also, having your color resolution at 32-bit and a screen resolution of at least 1024 x 768 would be preferable (the larger the resolution the better). i designed the site to work with an 800 x 600 resolution, but it is a bit cramped for some of the images i display around the site. besides, who the heck still uses 800 x 600 anyway?

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anyway, what are some of your favorite things?

well, i'm into video games and am admittedly very fan-boyish when it comes to nintendo.. my favorite games would have to be earthbound, zelda, mario and animal crossing. my favorite kind of movies are comedy and action. i like listening to genres like rock, techno, oldies, disco and classical music. rap and pop are genres that i'm not particularly fond of, but i will listen to it if i'm in the mood. favorite tv shows.. fairly odd parents, spongebob squarepants and things like that. i'm a kid at heart, what can i say?

what else.. i guess i should mention that my favorite food is definitely lumpia, but if you know me, that should go without saying.

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what is this "lumpia" you keep bringing up, anyway?

lumpia (pronounced LOOM-pee-ya) is a filipino variation of the chinese egg-roll. it consists of more meat and less veggies.

they are typically served with sweet-and-sour sauce or vinegar mixed with garlic and black pepper. it's great for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack time, parties, picnics.. whatever the occasion, lumpia is the way to go. screw the egg-roll.

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so what do you use to make animation, cg and graphic design?

well, for my animations i use flash. one fateful night years and years ago, i decided to download the demo version of flash (which, by the way, took me one hell of a long time, since i had an AOL dial-up connection at the time). i started messing around and experimenting with it for awhile and soon there was no turning back. to make my graphic design and other cg stuff, i actually use adobe fireworks as well as adobe illustrator and (only sometimes) photoshop. i do use a wacom tablet for my animations now, but i only got it recently. before that, i used to make all my graphics via mouse.

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how do you make your websites?

i mostly code by hand in HTML. i work with fireworks to set up a mock layout and then code it up. i recently taught myself how to do dreamweaver, so i'm starting to use that a little more now (to make my pages a little easier to update). html and css are the only languages i know fluently. php, javascript, etc. are things pretty foriegn to me, so i guess i can't exactly make the most "web 2.0" site out there. but i know enough to get me by.

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what about your music? what stuff do you use?

i assume you're talking about programs i use to make my songs. i make both my .mp3 and .midi files with fl studio. i used to use a program called massiva to sequence my .midi files but it was really buggy, so i stopped using it.

making music through the computer isn't the only thing i do, though. i played trumpet and euphonium in middle school. in high school, i played tuba. i can dabble on the piano a bit and i'm trying to pick up guitar. i haven't played live in any of my songs (yet), but it isn't something i'd rule out. i just need to manage to shell out big dough for a tuba to play on. donations anyone? :]

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what type of music do you like to listen to, anyway?

y'know, i don't exactly know. i listen to a wide variety of music. i already said some broad genres in an earlier question, but if you want to know some specifics, you can take a look at these spiffy last.fm charts to give you a better idea of what i like:

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what is this melody i keep hearing in your songs?

in some of my songs, i use a common melody that i remix, repurpose and reuse:


i sometimes add and take away notes as i see fit. also, the key and time signature can change depending on the type of song i need to use the melody for, so it always feels fresh and new whenever i use it! now that you know what it is, go and listen for the melody in the music section!

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can i hire you to make a stuff for me?

i'm ready and willing to share my abilities with anyone interested in giving me work. i do web design (logo design, website structure, layout design, etc.), graphic design (t-shirt/sweat shirt decals, fliers, etc.), original music compositions (in .mid or .mp3 format), and 2d computer graphic design (pixel and vector based work, both static and animated).

currently, i go to school and work part time, so i sometimes may not be able to devote my full attention on a project.. however! i will try my hardest to meet a deadline. if anything, feel free to contact me in advance so we can work something out. :)

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so what have you been up to recently?

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    i have more questions! how can i contact you?

    so, if you want to send me love (or hate) mail, commission me to make you a t-shirt design, point out a spelling/grammar mistake (trust me, i make a ton of them) or even just say "hello," go ahead and choose one of the following methods to reach me:

    aim - unlimitedlumpia
    icq - 353855272
    yahoo - ULTIMATElumpia
    msn - unlimitedlumpia (at) hotmail (dot) com
    e-mail - edward (at) dotlumpia (dot) com

    instant messaging would be the quickest way of getting to me. i'm online almost all day (whether or not i'm actually at my laptop is another issue all together) so pick your favorite messaging service and give me a holler. if i don't respond, just drop me a line through my e-mail address. i look forward to hearing from you! :]

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